Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Team Muleterro Wins Hellgate Duathlon

Ben, Cory, Rich, Sten, Julie, Jen, and myself attended the 2008 Hellgate Duathlon in the Nine Mile Valley just outside Frenchtown Montana last Sunday October 19th. Cory and Rich registered as soloists while Ben and I signed up as a team (results). Sten committed himself to our sucess in the support department. Julie and Jen did extra recon to place themselfs in support positions as well.  The race was on!

Mule Train as we called ourselves took the overall win with an expert plan. Ben knew that I like to hunt down competators so he placed me right within view of all the leaders.  I put the pedal to the metal and handed off Ben a small advantage and he took it home for the overall win. We just missed the record time on a course that was slated to not be in the best of conditions for a record.  Next year ... we will see!

The real studs (can mules be studs?) are Cory and Rich who comming off a extreemly tough cross race the day before went out solo.  According to the results (dont know how accruate they are) Cory placed 3rd in his division and 25th overall while Rich pulled off a 7th in his cat and 42nd overall (results).

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