Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mule of the Week and Standings

Julie gets mule of the week due to her great form and for the simple fact that she has the best placing in todays release of the MBRA Cross Series Standings at 4th.  Julie posted a second at this weekends Big Sky Cross race in cold conditions. Check out the vids by the Stenster (or at least stensters camera)
New fowl Rich seen above lead out Muler ERock over the barriers but later was punished for his fine efforts with a flat.  Lesson learned is to have someone or at least a set of wheels in the in the pit area. I should of had my wheels waiting! Oh well.

In the Cat 4 standings we have Cory in 7th but was unable to make it to Big Sky due to a freak snow event here in Montana last weekend.  Erik showed up with massive atempts to stay warm and put in a 9th place for the race while in the standings is right behind Corey in 8th.

In the Master (or ... Gentlemans Group) Sten took it out strong and captured a second place which puts him in at 6th in the series.  Sten started out in front of myself as I took my usual back seat to the pelaton with my bucket of pop corn and Milk Duds. Soon I started feeling a little randy and worked my way up to 5th in the Mens A group.

This weekend is the Rolling Thunder as well as the Helgate Duathalon.  Stay tuned for last Sundays frolicks in the snow and Mule Cross. For me, back to the grind with a cross race tonight in Missoula.  Bill out!

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