Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Peaks to Praries Duathlon

Team Muleterro in larger numbers than ever before made its way to Red Lodge for the Peaks to Praries duathlon on Sunday April 27th. The morning was crisp and clear as we prepared ourselves for the race and for some fought off that hangover for just another few hours. The runners (Julie, Seth, and Stephanie) and solo duathletes (Sten and Cory) loaded the bus for the journey up the mountain while the bikers (Erik, Lincoln, and Serena) stayed at the transition area. We were given timing chips, stood in line to use the bathroom, then the gun went off (actually it didn’t, I think it was broken) and of course Cory was talking smack the whole time. The run was rolling hills with a general downhill into Red Lodge. Julie came in first, and sent Erik off with a quick change of a timing chip. Then Sten came and after a record long transition was off on the bike. Seth came in sending Lincoln off and then Stephanie sending off Serena. Cory was somewhere in the pack, but he must have been tired because none of us saw him. We found his shoes and coat later. The bikers had a grueling 42 mile ride to Laurel MT, however, they persevered and passed other racers the whole way pulling the Team up in the standings. At the finish in Laurel, MT the runners and bikers reconvened and made our way to Billings for some food and to watch the boaters of the triathlon finish. Our results were posted and once again Team Muleterro has proven themselves worthy. Julie and Erik finished 3rd in the mixed gender category. Lincoln and Seth finished 4th in the male team category, and Serena and Stephanie 5th in the womens team category. Good job Muleteers. As Sten would say we are digging ditches.

Rocky Mountain Roubaix Race in Frenchtown, Montana

The day started at 6:30 am. After harnessing Mules
from various dwellings it was off to breakfast. Our
first choice was Ruby's, a favorite watering hole for
the Mules. Ruby's doesn't open that early. That's one
to remember. Well alright then it's Bagel on Broadway.
Everyone filled up and then it was off to the race.
Today was a special day for Team Muleterro. This was
the unveiling of the new decked out Van. The decal job
that "Hands On" did turned out sweet. People were
checking out the Van upon arrival. It looks good! On
the day, I think the Van might have had the best
result of all. This being the first race for our Montana
Cycling season I think there were a few sloppy moves
made. Some crashes, close calls and a few injuries
happened. The weather was great, one of the warmest
lately. All in all it was great to have the season
underway and having fun. This being the first full
season for Team Muleterro we hope to have a very
productive year. Are new custom uniforms should be
here around May 16-23. That should increase are Mule
performance a notch or two. I think are next race is
the "Peaks to Prairies Race" from Red lodge to
Billings. So until then have a sweet day.

Friday, April 25, 2008

World Domination

The time has come.

The short bus is leaving my house at 2pm sat.

Soldiers reporting. E-rock, Julie, Sten-p, Stufiny, Captain Cory, L-train, Steth, Serina

Death and Distruction will rain apon your house.
Then end is near.

P.S. bring your ipod.....