Friday, November 21, 2008

As the season comes to a close

First of all thank you MBRA and all of the Montana Teams for putting on such a great cross season!!! Just wait for Mule Cross next year!

Now just a short re-cap of the past few weeks. We have been slacking on the website.

Montana Velo ‘Cross Helena High
This venue proved that you can have a cyclocross race anywhere. The whole race was confined into one city block on the grounds of Helena High. The flights and flights of stairs forced everybody to use their skills when mounting and dismounting. E- Rock, Hard Core Cory, Rich, Bill, and Julie represented Team Muleterro at this race. Bill gets credit for the athlete of the day since he raced hard and placed really well despite feeling really terrible and having mechanical issues.

Bobcat Classic
The closest thing to a true cyclocross race this year! Mud was like snot! Cory’s form looked fantastic! Sten pushed hard in masters A and seemed to have a great time. Julie took 10$ preem.

MBRA Cyclocross #7
Course was supposed to be muddy but ended up not too bad. The toiletswere a mile away and that was the big news. The main feature of thecourse was a irrigation ditch run where we went down into the ditchand up the other side. Pretty cool. Some really great competition came from Vertical Earth out of Washington I believe or maybe Idaho.
Muleterro headed to Kalispell for a double header . Oh, no we were one seat short in the van. We shared a lawn share in the back with the dogs. The weekend was beautiful and a dip in the hot tub was wonderful at Erik's brothers.

Herron Park
One of the best venues of the season!!! Drank beer with Missoula girls after the race. Were they hung over the next day?

Woodland Park
A long, long lap with not much forgiveness!!! If not for our religious beliefs about working on sat and sun we could have pushed harder and taken all top spots.

These fall races have been preseason warm-ups, as we will all be traveling to Peru for the upcoming road race season.

Mud Blood and Beer, Ohh WTF, and O/E