Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Corey and Julie In 4th Place

I just got my hooves on the latest MBRA Cross Standings and our founding muler Cory is in 4th place (cat 4)! Check it out here!  

Also in a 4th place position is Julie which has a tough 9 women division. She also posted a 4th place this last weekend. Results here!

In 11th place for Cat 4 we have Erik (ERock) but with performances like last weekend should be movin on up.

In Cat 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/etc.  we have Me in 14th place far behind phenom John Curry.

In the "out to pasture" category we have Sten comming in at 8th in the Master A category. Rumors have it that he has committed to suffer big time this weekend at the two Bozeman cross races.  See you there! Bill out .....

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Vigilante Tri said...

Hey, "Lance Armstrong" here, just wanted to say thanks for the support out there! I enjoy the cheering/jeering out there. Granted, I cry myself to sleep after the emotional abuse you dish out, but I am sure it is all in good'll be hearing from my lawyer...just kidding.
I am part of a Great Falls based triathlon club. Check us out at
See you guys out there, at the start, and then again when you lap me!