Thursday, June 4, 2009

Leverich Canyon Crank Up- LLCP for short

I think it is time to send out an update on the mountain bike race that Team Muleterro is putting on in August. The race is going to take place south of Bozeman at Leverich Canyon. The local bike club and the forest service have worked together to make this a really nice mountain biking loop. Doable for the beginner and still fun for the hardcore downhiller. The trail consists of a pretty hefty climb (just for a short while) before leveling out a little and meandering up to the top. Once at the top you get to enjoy some beautiful views of the Bridgers and the Gallatin Valley before plummeting down the downhill trail (the plummet is very short). The rest of the downhill is fun. Nice and smooth with lots of banked turns.

For our race we are planning on staging at the top on Moser Rd. To get there you drive up Hyalite and turn left on the gravel road before the campground. There are plenty of pullouts near the top for parking. We are definitely encouraging travelers and Bozemanites to come up the night before and camp out. There are two nice flat clearings with fire pits right between the uphill and downhill trails. After the race we will be able to relax, enjoy the views, and hopefully have some good eats.

If you have any questios please let us know. We will be posting more info as the date gets closer.

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