Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Devils Slide MTB Race Report

2008_04_18_devis_slide_ltown_id-2Hi, Bill here again. Yea, I know that I am getting lazy ... this is the same blog that's on my site with some slight edits. Here is my Devils Slide Report.

Saturday morning my friend and I headed out bright and early for Lewistown Idaho. For those of you that never made the trip down highway 12 you are missing something. Absolutely beautiful. This was our 4th trip to this race venue and I was the lone mule in Idaho this weekend.

We arrived and got into one of the little cabins along the Snake River. I highly recommend this option and if you go in on it with someone it can be almost as cheap as a camping site. I called up Chad at the Red Barn Shop to see if he was coming, the weather was fabulous. Then I loaded up with Carbo Rocket and potato chips and hit the race loop.


I even had enough time out on course to talk to someone about doing the Butte 100 (Triple Ring Productions). I am happy to announce two people gave me a ‘verbal’ commitment to do it … kool!

After a restless night wondering what the heck I was doing riding a 6 hour 7,000 feet of climbing mountain bike ride before a race. It was all about relaxing and getting in some good training so I didn't sweat it too much.

The next day we all lined up and I put in a solid effort. I didn't start off with a bang like last week but instead hung back because I thought I could mark any big attacks. It was a good thing because on lap 1 I had to regroup every one twice and the leader missed some corners.

Devils Slide Race 2009 by Doug IdahoThat is when I took the lead, at least for lap one so no one would stray off course. This is where my 7 lap experience paid off from the day before.

So I spun easily up the first climb feeling like a rock star. the Turner Flux that I got from Red Barn just rocketed up the thing. From the top I looked back along the ridge and there was no one for a million miles. I knew that ol Turny would completely set the downhill part of the course on fire and that it did.

I cruised to take the win. I basically was able to practice my long distance pace due to the fact that no pros showed up and everyone was so laid back. It was a good time in the sun and dirt. Although I had a strong performance on the bike by “swag grab” skills were lacking. I got picked twice and froze when I got to the table. I ended up with nutrition products …o/o

Check out the photos by Scott Trost!

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