Friday, March 13, 2009

Blue Mountain to Canyonlands Triathlon

Team Muleterro headed to Monticello Utah for the Blue Mountain to Canyonlands triathlon (and to spend a few days in the sun doing some mountain biking). The ladies swept the women's field and came in with 1st (Amy Chuichiolo from GAS), 2nd (Jenny Zickovich) and 3rd (Julie Zickovich) overall. Amy and Jenny were very strong on the skate ski and on the steep gravelly downhill hairpin turns on the bike course. In the men's field Erik was strong on the bike and finished 3rd in his age group, and Jason (off the couch) finished 3rd in his age group. Cory was strong and finished right behind Erik. The group enjoyed the rest of the day drinking beer and eating pizza in the brewery in Dolores CO. The next day we woke to sun and warmth and headed back to Moab for some biking. We had a great day riding across the rock and sand and admiring and photographing all the views of Poison Spider trail and finished it off with a traumatizing or exhilarating experience in the Portal (depending on who you talk to).

All in all the trip was a success lots of good biking, racing, and socializing with old friends. We will be headed back again next year.

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