Friday, August 1, 2008

2008 XTERRA Wild Horse Creek

Sunday, July 20, 2008 - Team Muleterro represented themselves well at the Xterra Wild Horse Creek triathlon held at Hyalite Reservoir in mule headquarters, Bozeman MT. Two relays in the Men's Team division 1) Caleb, Alex, Cory and 2) Seth, Erik, and Ben; and one soloist Julie, competed in the long course race which consisted of a 1200 yd swim, a 15 mile mountain bike, and a 6 mile run. With cool morning water temperatures in the mid 50s the swimmers apprehensively prepared for the race. After the race prayer - a team first - the race commenced at 8:30 AM sharp. Outfitted in their wetsuits, Caleb, Seth and Julie swam two laps around the buoys and completed the first portion of the triathlon. Seth and Caleb handed off to their bikers while Julie soldiered on in her solo expedition. Alex surged ahead during the bike by kicking his mule all the way. Erik encountered some problems with two flats but he was able to maintain composure and still finished strongly. Julie commented on her bike performance stating, "the first section was pretty muddy and slow going, but once I got to the climb I settled in and felt pretty good." The race finish had an exciting climax when Cory and a runner from one of the other relay teams found themselves a dead heat for first place. The alpha mule prevailed and won in a fighting finish. The other relay team finished 4th after Ben’s very fast run. Julie finished 4th in her age group. Cory's mule-appropriate comments on the race were featured in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, further establishing Team Muleterro's unique reputation in the racing community. Read his interview and overall race commentary at:

Good job mules. Keep up the good work.

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